Love of a Mother

If you were to ask me in high school what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said, “an accountant, a financial officer, something with numbers!” I was never the type to daydream about getting married and having children so that I could mother and love them. I never thought about exactly how many children I would want or what I wanted to name them. Anytime someone would ask me how many kids do you want when you get older? I would say, “I dunno, three?! (It’s my favorite number!)” I had no idea what an honor it would be to become a mother until I became one.

I have two kids. My daughter, Jayde, who is three and my son, Ryker, who is one. I love them with all my heart and so much more. They are constant reminders of my role and purpose as a nurturer. As a mom, we have the grand opportunity to shape and mold these little people into the adults that influence our society. What an important task we have been given! It amazes me how much their little minds absorb and how quickly they can learn (both the good and the bad). Every day that passes, there are moments where I will just catch myself staring at them and smiling.

My children have made me stronger. I strive to be my best self when I am around them so that they can learn by example. We play so that I can hear them laugh and see them smile. When they cry, I hold them and comfort them, I protect them. I pray for them every night, because I love them. It is one of the greatest thing to have, the love of a mother.


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