REVIEW: Simple Analogy Diaper Clutch

OH MY CUTENESS!! Seriously!? Like, I just don’t have any words. This diaper clutch is beautifully crafted, I am in love. My husband even said, “Wow! That looks nice!” 🙂


So, I first heard about these diaper clutches on “Through Mama’s Eyes Blog” YouTube video here. They caught my attention right away. I went to Simple Analogy’s Etsy shop where she has a fantastic selection of prints. I mean, look at those little whales! 🙂 The other really cool thing that I liked was that I was able to personalize it by having my son’s name added.

Here is what it looks like opened:


You can comfortably fit two diapers or one pull-up in the left compartment and a pack of travel wipes (pack of 20 wipes) in the right compartment. I love this because when I am sitting at church and little Ryker needs to be changed, rather then digging for a pack of wipes (which makes noise) and a diaper to hand over to my husband, I can just hand him this diaper clutch that is all set and ready to go! The best part is you won’t look like you are walking around with diapers and wipes. Win Win! 🙂

I think that if you are expecting, have little ones, or need a gift idea for a baby shower, you should definitely consider getting one (or more!) of these. I can see this being a multi-purpose use item. Once my son grows out of the diaper stage, I will probably put a notebook on one side and a case of colored pencils on the other end. I just LOVE it!

You can find the Simple Analogy’s Etsy shop here.

What are your favorite Etsy stores? Comment down below! 🙂


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