REVIEW: Ju-Ju-Be BFF in Nantucket

This is my initial review and experience with the Ju-Ju-Be BFF in the Nantucket print from their Coastal Collection. I will create an updated blog post after having used it for a while.

I got this bag because I felt that I didn’t need as much space like I had with the Ju-Ju-Be BRB. My daughter is potty trained and now carries her own Ju-Ju-Be Minibe with her things. So, I just needed a bag to carry things for my 13 month old son. This is what the bag looks like:


What I really like about the BFF versus the BRB is that the metal label with Ju-Ju-Be’s logo on it is not on the front pocket of the bag, this helps prevent scratching. I also like that it doesn’t have a snap, just zippers. I don’t know about you, but for me, I am always worried that the material around snaps will wear and eventually tear.

I think for one child (in diapers), this bag is PERFECT. I am a moderate packer (I don’t like to overstuff), but I have seen people with better organizational skills that have packed the BFF for two. Here is a look inside of the front pocket:


In this front pocket, there is a place for glasses/sunglasses. Even with this, I would still recommend using a case for your eyewear. Behind the glasses, is a zippered pocket, I don’t have anything in there yet but I am sure I will come up with something. On the right there are two open pockets. In one, I have a pack of Boogie Wipes that you can find at Target. In the other pocket I have a small set piece with bandaids from Ikea and a small nail clipper. Lastly there is a stretchy key clip so that you have a dedicated spot for your keys if you are like me and constantly lose them haha.

Let’s take a look inside the bag:


I LOVE that this opens up all the way and keeps everything contained. With the BRB, I would have to dig in to try and find the things that I needed. With this bag, I can see everything clearly and quickly access what I need.

So, in my hand, I am holding an extra outfit for my son Ryker. It was laying on top of the other stuff but I moved it so you could see what else I had packed in there. I definitely have room to fit more things, but like I said before, I don’t like to overstuff. Plus, it is nice to have a little extra space for miscellaneous things you collect along the way. In the bag, I have four diapers, a wallet from Nordstrom (great investment, I have had this wallet for several years!) , a diaper clutch from Simple Analogy, a medium set piece (that I will fill with little toys for Ryker), some snacks/food pouches, and (if you can see it at the very bottom) a aden + anais blanket that I use for breastfeeding. There are two zippered pockets in the back and a bigger zippered pocket in the front (again, I will figure out what to put in there, maybe some mommy things). That’s it! 🙂

So far, I am enjoying the organization aspect of this bag. What are your must-have baby items that you carry with you?


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