Go to the library!

As a mom, you come to realize real quick that your kids need to be engaged in imaginative play as well as being exposed to early learning environments. One of the greatest resources is your local public library. I always encourage friends and family to make the most out of their library experience by looking at upcoming events and marking it in their calendar. There are so many fun and FREE activities for the kids! I use the calendar on my iPhone to set up reminders so that I get a reminder, after having two kids, I can hardly remember how old I am haha.

This past weekend my local library had a Messy Munchkins event for little ones. It was super fun! My favorite part is that I didn’t have to deal with this mess at home. They had two different stations set up. One was the messy side and the other was the clean side. On the clean side they had little swimming pools filled up with random fun!

They had a mini ball pit:


Taped to the windows they had sensory play:


In the background you can see they were playing parachute games:


Ryker had a blast dancing, they had these egg shakers:


On the messy side, they had a pool filled with green spaghetti! Jayde had a blast finding the different zoo animals that were hidden in the spaghetti:

IMG_7028Ā IMG_7029

Of course! You HAVE to have a tunnel to crawl through! šŸ™‚




Waiting for more bubbles, lol.


We had an awesome time, we were there for at least an hour. By the time we got home, the kids were ready for lunch and then naps. It was a productive morning šŸ™‚

I think it is so important to get out, your kids need to play! I know it gets hard, because we get tired and have so much to do BUT I promise you, your kids will be happier and having a release to get all that energy out makes for cooperative kiddos and that is definitely worth it to me! šŸ™‚ I also figure, if we are out playing, then the house stays cleaner for longer šŸ˜‰ So, go to the library! šŸ™‚


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